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    Learn Quran Reading

    Quran Reading with Tajweed (Naazra-e-Quran) is the very basic program specially designed for beginner students.


    Learn Tajweed-ul-Quran

    Reciting the Holy Quran with proper pronounciation is called Tajweed ul Quran. Learn how to Recite Quran in beautiful tone like a Qari.


    Learning Tafsir ul Quran is very important if you want to completely understand message of Allah in Quran

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    YES??? Then what you waiting for… Learn Quran Online while staying at Home

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    What’s the Reason behind usmania Quran Academy?

     The best amongst you are those who learn and teach Quran.

     About Usmania Quran Academy

    is a prestigious organization contrived in 2006 with an aspiration of furnishing top-drawer Online Islamic Education by the technique of distant learning. We yen to instruct the tots and the adults who have read Quran but are unaware of Tajweed Rules,

    We have an un-implicated setup not affil with any Institution, Islamic Guild or any House of Allah. We have a team of devoted trainers who strive to give best Quran Education to the students and enable them to be not only best reciters but also true followers of Islam’


    Usmania Quran Academy

    Tutor Training Programs: We aim to be the best online Quran Academy and our goal is “Quran for every Muslim Heart”, In order to accomplish this goal we hire Quran tutors after taking Voice and Tajweed skills test.Usmania Quran Academy As we know that online teaching is a totally different technique in comparison with conventional teaching so we initially train our online teachers before assigning them students. We also make arrangements for tutorial training programs to keep our teachers updated with latest technologies.

    Benefits of Learn Quran Online

    Learn Quran with convenience.
    Latest Software makes lessons very interlazy
    Daily dairy.
    One-on-one lessons
    Top qualified and experienced teachers
    Class timings of your convenience
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