Marriage in Islam:

Marriage is a beautiful relationship which is a great gift from Allah Almighty. Marriage in islam . is a legal Islamic contract between the husband, wife. Through marriage, the relationship between a man and a women becomes lawful.  Both the man and the women are to consent to the marriage of their own free wills. It saves one from sins and removes evil thoughts. Marriage is considered the fortress of chastity. Those who engage in Nikah for the purpose of chastity Allah will help them out in their daily obstacles.   Islamic Marriage is a vital and powerful source to maintain a pious and pure society.  Islamic Marriage provides spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological companionship, which sustains love, kindness, compassion and mutual confidence etc. As a meaningful institution, Muslim marriage provides spiritual and legal foundation of the family.

 The Prophet (PBUH) has stated: â€œMarriage is the basis of blessings and children are an abundance of mercy.”   There are many wisdom’s and benefits of marriage in Islam, It protects from begin astray..

Muslim marriage

Benefits of Muslim marriage:

Muslim marriage Allah Almighty made husband and wife as company for each other, and so that they may become parents and live in peace and calmness according to commandments of Allah. Marriage means to unite and to bring together. The literal meaning of marriage is to have sexual intercourse becomes lawful. Islam has various reasons to urge marriage such as its benefits because it is an essential element in the proper and righteous up spring and upbringing of children.  Islamic marriage defined matters that contains good benefits both in this world greatest benefits of marriage are as under: 

  • Through marriage the couples achieve mutual affection, mercy and love. Allah Almighty say in Quran: â€œAnd he has between you affection and mercy.” 
  • Through marriage Allah Almighty will enrich the couples and will bless their livelihood.
  • Marriage increase love, respect, caring, selflessness and forgiving factors between husband and wife. 
  • By marrying and fulfilling the rights of the husband, the believing women will enter paradise. Fulfillment of Islam is accomplished through marriage.
  • Islam is considers marriage as a way to acquire spiritual perfection. There are various studies prove that married people remain physically and mentally healthy. Islam has maintained that marriage is useful to us in many ways.
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In short, the greatest benefit of marriage is protection against a sinful life and the fulfillment of sexual desire through the teaching of Islam. This great benefit is the main objective of marriage,marriage in islam promotes many beneficial things and blessings in Muslim society where husband and wife live happily with their children and families.

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The religion of Islam tells Muslims to marry early. It provides clear guideline for husbands, wives and as they become parents for parenting for their children’s behaviour. There is no guesswork in the process. We can say Marriage half deen of Muslims. In Islam marriage begin an obligatory act is so important that it is declared to be one half of single Muslim’s faith. Marriage has great importance in Islam, our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) also married and encouraged others to get married. There are few points described importance of marriage in Islam as under:

  • Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one 
  • It provides tranquility, peace and security.
  • It is source to experience love and happiness.
  • It is must for making family.
  • Marriage serves a shelter for anyone who feels lost in the difficulties of life.
  • Marriage is a most like sunnah in Islam as our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Importance of Marriage in Islam :Husband and wife love and help each other to make efforts to continue the human race and in all problems of life. They celebrated together all happiness and challenges of troubles in their lives. Thoughtful consideration of the traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) clearly show that marriage is necessary for a man who has afford to easily dower to his wife and support their kids. Moreover, Islam has strictly recommended engaging in Nikah. Allah Almighty said:

“And marry those among you who are single (Al-Ayama) and the pious of your servants and maidservants.” [An-Noor]

In other hadith, The Prophet (PBUH) said