Online Quran Teaching 

Learning and Online Quran Teaching is compulsory for all Muslims. Teach Quran is in the Arabic language which is 5th biggest language spoken in the whole world. Learning Quran is the Islamic Holy scripture that contains the words of Allah. Since Quran was revealed upon our final Prophet  Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), in the Arabic language not only because it’s the native language of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but its iambic profoundness made it easy for us, because it was not possible to easy  in any other language. It Quran Teachers numerous practices, signs of Allah, Islamic laws and historical information. In order to get benefited from its deep meaning and its fundamentals, it is a paramount duty of every Muslim, be it a child, a man or woman to Teaching Quran Online it, as it harmonizes in all ages without any constraint of space and time.

Online Quran Teaching

How to learning to Online Quran Teaching  ?

Therefore, in order to learn the language by simple and easy rules, to learning Quran, scholar should start from the basic Noorani Qaida. Basic Qaida helps the student to get an easy way to learn to Reading Quran with basic rules, and help them in Teaching Quran with fluency. This is the primary element and easy way to learn Quran. This Qaida helps to learn from basics and their proper pronunciation, guides about all tajweed Qawaid. Thus it is a grammatical rules of Learning tajweed student should know in order to. Importance of Reading the Quran under the hadith below:

  • Learn Quran Online -Easy way of learning Quran:

  • Quran in Arabic – that may be able to understand Quran

  • Learning of Quran – has its own blessings and benediction.

  • Learn Tajweed– Quran is the holy book and everything 

  • Believer who recites – Quran is that of a citron,

Important Instructions:

Make sure before the reciting of Quran to follow some instructions which are:

  1. You must should free of major and minor impurities, you’ll need to make wudu, your body, clothes, and place of worship should be clean.
  2. Before reciting the Learn Quran you need to seek refuge in Allah from evil, Recite Ta’awwuz.
  3. Before performing any act of worship, we should take the name of Allah, Recite Tasmiyah.
  4. Open the Quran and read with your right hand, it’s a Sunnah.
  5. Concentrate while reading of the Quran and try to understand the meaning of the words, that explores the context behind what you’ve read.
  6. Consider taking classes to learn how to properly Read the Quran, including understanding the rules of Tajweed. 


“Quran is the holy book and everything written in it is the word of Allah and Allah is the purest and free of everything that’s why we make sure ourselves neat and clean from all immunities before reciting the Quran..”

Other ways of learn to read Quran:

 learning Quran phonemes of any new language is very difficult for an adult, but the basic rules of Tajweed can make easy to learn to Read Quran Online if we follows them. You must need to keep practicing of Makharij and learn to Qwaid of Noorani Qaida. Just try to pronouncing them whenever they comes to in your mind while learning and producing those sounds. Listen more and more time as much as possible for you listening Quranic recitation. Listen and repeat after it.  You’ll learn that soon. When you read one rule of recitation, practice it and get the hang of it first before starting to learn the next rule. Once you have learned how to read, don’t hesitate and don’t feel embarrassed to use it the next time. Don’t be afraid of receiving praise, rather let it remind you of the blessing of Allah.

Once the scholar learns to read Quran, then next step should be to listen Quran, in order to improve the accent and delivering words.